Supertramp Plays its 1000th Concert

It was a very special evening.   This was the last show of Supertramp’s hugely successful, critically acclaimed 70-10 Tour that celebrated the band's forty-year career.  

The tour had taken Rick Davies, John Helliwell, Bob Siebenberg, Cliff Hugo, Carl Verheyen, Jesse Siebenberg, Gabe Dixon, Lee Thornburg and Cassie Miller to eleven European countries over the previous two months, playing to more than 250,000 people.  But this show was special for another reason.  It was the 1000th performance that Supertramp’s founder Rick Davies would perform as the front man for the group he started in 1970.  And it was the second of two sold out shows that the band would play at a venue that had been a kind of home to them over the years, Paris’ Omnisport Bercy.

As they assembled in the dressing room, ready to walk to the stage, mixed emotions were in the air.  Anticipation floated through the arena where 13,000 plus impatient fans were waiting for Supertramp to take the stage.  Pre show adrenaline was evident in the dressing room.  And the band themselves wanted to savor this night.  John Helliwell asked, “Are we going to play any more shows?  This can’t be the last time we play together.”  Indeed that was the sentiment of everyone as this tour had succeeded beyond all expectations, with the band musically tighter, more energized, and bound by a cohesive sense of spirit not before realized.  It was a very special evening for all and when the band left the stage, after Rick had stunned everyone by adding an impromptu “Don’t You Lie To Me” to the encore so that he could prolong the inevitable end, it was clear that there must be more to come for Supertramp.

Here are a few comments from the press in France!:

LA MONTAGNE – 15 OCT. 2010
“Du grand art, assurément”
(It’s a work of art, for sure)

“Au piano, au chant ou à l’harmonica, Rick Davies multiplie les prouesses à la tête de Supertramp”
(Piano, vocals, harmonica, Rick Davies, the leader of Supertramp works miracles)

LA VOIX DU NORD – 28 OCT. 2010
“Les envolées pianistiques de Rick confinent au sublime”
(Rick on piano is just sublime)

“Le public était debout. Conquis”
(An audience standing and won over)

LE PROGRES – 17 OCT. 2010  
“Supertramp, Super soirée”
(Supertramp, Super evening)

“Les Super clochards ont fait un tabac avec leur tubes légendaires”
(The Supertramp show with their legendary hits was a huge success)
“Réglée comme du papier à musique”
(The show was perfect )

“Le groupe a servi sur un plateau un “Breakfast in America” dégusté avec gourmandise.”
(The band played a “Breakfast in America” on plate, greedily savoured by the audience)

LE PARISIEN – 18 OCT. 2010

“Standing ovation”

VAR MATIN – 20 OCT. 2010
“Supertramp vous laisse scié”
(Supertramp, it’s breathtaking)

VAR MATIN – 22 OCT. 2010
“Supertramp en super forme”
(Supertramp in super form)

“Bravo Messieurs”

“Supertramp, fidèle au poste”
(Supertramp never miss a day)

“L’inépuisable magie de Supertramp”
(The inexhaustible magic of Supertramp)