Supertramp Kicks Off 70-10 Tour!

02 September 2010:
Tonight Supertramp played their first show in eight years, kicking off their 70-10 Tour before a jubilant crowd at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle/Westfalen, Germany. The band had spent the previous two weeks in Paris building the show, rehearsing the songs and getting back into that well-loved Supertramp groove.  

The show, which spans their entire history, truly celebrates 40 years of incredible Supertramp music. Included in the set are many of their best-known songs from “Breakfast In America,” “Crime of The Century,” “Crisis? What Crisis?,” “Brother Where You Bound,” “Even In The Quietest Moments” and “Famous Last Words…” It was a hits-filled evening that left both the band and crowd thrilled.